Kirin陸RIKU Pure & Mellow Land Discovery富士御殿場蒸溜所 瓶裝 500ml
Kirin陸RIKU Pure & Mellow Land Discovery富士御殿場蒸溜所 瓶裝 500ml
Kirin陸RIKU Pure & Mellow Land Discovery富士御殿場蒸溜所 瓶裝 500ml

Kirin RIKU Pure & Mellow Land Discovery Fuji Gotemba Distillery Bottle 500ml

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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Beautiful taste, Charming aroma.
Why do people use "beautiful" to describe this delicious food?
Fuji Gotemba Distillery was born in the harsh yet rich nature.

Flow water refined from the earth after about 50 years of precipitation.
Dense fog and fresh air created by the forest of Mount Fuji.
Whiskey is brewed in this ideal environment.
Craftsmen pass down their lifetime skills and efforts,
creating this unique taste and aroma.
The flowing water of Mount Fuji brings us clear taste enjoyment.
The snow on Mount Fuji has been baptized for about 50 years, becoming high-quality underground water,
flowing to the Fuji Gotemba Distillery.

It is precisely because of this great natural gift that
"Riku" whiskey was born.

The skills of the craftsmen perfectly demonstrate the blessings of Fuji nature.
A variety of original sake that fully absorbs the natural essence of Fuji.

The skills of the world's top blenders,
perfectly bring out these charms with exquisite balance.
In this way, the gorgeous and rich aroma and taste of "Riku Riku" whiskey are perfectly presented.

Pursue suitable taste based on Japanese customs and food culture.
Achieves subtle sweetness and clear taste.

Whether it is enjoyed chilled,
or served as a highball made with delicious whiskey, it all looks particularly delicious.
Whiskey that brings you a fresh taste and beautiful aroma.

Aroma: Subtle sweet aroma like yellow peach, orange and apple.
Aftertaste: Mild and smooth. Rich fruit flavour, with depth of ripe aroma, medium and persistent.
Taste: Fresh taste, rich layers and rich aroma.

Pursue the taste close to "out of the bottle" and use "non-chill filtration" technology to seal the delicious ingredients of whiskey. Utilizing the essence of terrestrial liquor, we create whiskey with a rich aroma.

During the maturation process, a 180-liter barrel made of North American white oak material was used.
Small barrels will increase the quantity and workload, which may seem inefficient, but small barrels can increase the surface area of ​​contact between the original wine and the barrel, allowing us to fully obtain the rich aroma of the barrel.

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