Mars越百威士忌 700ml

Mars Yue Bai Whiskey 700ml

本坊酒造Mars Iwai
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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 43%

In the Japanese Alps, the Mars Shinshu Distillery, located at the foot of Komagedake Mountain, stands quietly in a quiet place 798 meters above sea level. Enjoy the clear mountain spring water and rich natural atmosphere.

"MARS MALTAGE (Cosmo) Malt Selection" is the crystallization of Mars whiskey blending technology. By blending different types of pure malt liquor, it shows the complexity and depth of whiskey. In the rich aroma of honey and caramel, there is a faint smoky flavor and the aroma of ripe fruits. The taste is round and soft, and the finish is gentle and elegant.

The product name "Eshibai (こすも)" is taken from "Eshibaisan (こすもやま)", a peak in the Alps. From the name Cosmo, which symbolizes the universe, the label was designed to look up at the night sky at the foothills of the Central Alps where Mars Shinshu Distillery is located

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