JP. Moshi-Moshi Premium Blended Whisky 盒裝 700ml

JP. Moshi-Moshi Premium Blended Whiskey Box 700ml

本坊酒造Mars Iwai
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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 40%

JP. Moshi-Moshi Premium Blended Whiskey is a Japanese blended whiskey. Brewed by the renowned The Mars Shinshu Distillery. This distillery is a subsidiary of Hombo Shuzo, which specializes in the production of whiskey. Hombo Shuzo is a famous Japanese shochu producer. The Mars Shinshu Distillery was founded by Kiichiro Iwai in 1985 and has a rich history and craftsmanship in brewing.

This JP. Moshi-Moshi Premium Blended Whiskey is characterized by its No Year Mark (NAS), alcohol content of 40%, and is usually presented in 700 ml bottles. What makes it unique is the blend of whiskeys from many different ages and styles, creating a rich and balanced taste. Even though it is a blended whiskey, it still manages to display the finesse and sophistication unique to Japanese whiskey.

In terms of appearance design, JP. Moshi-Moshi Premium Blended Whiskey presents a style that combines modernity and tradition. The bottle design is simple and elegant. This whiskey is not only ideal for lovers of Japanese whiskey, but also for gluttons looking to explore the flavors of different blends.

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