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富士ヶ嶺 Fujigane Pure Malt 威士忌 瓶裝 700ml
富士ヶ嶺 Fujigane Pure Malt 威士忌 瓶裝 700ml

Fujigane Pure Malt Whiskey Bottle 700ml

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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌

"Fujigane Pure Malt" is a single malt whiskey originating from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Brewed from the clear waters of Mount Fuji, this whiskey combines selected malts from around the world and domestically distilled malts to reveal an elegant flavor and aroma. The distillery is located about 50 kilometers from Mount Fuji and is surrounded by natural beauty. The area is famous for its clear water and rich natural environment. Yamanashi Prefecture is known as Japan's "Longevity Prefecture", and the high average life expectancy of local residents is partly attributed to its superior natural conditions.

This whiskey is loved by consumers for its mild and complex taste. It not only uses malt from Japan, but also carefully selects and blends high-quality malt from all over the world to show the unique personality and flavor of various malts. In addition, "Fuji Karei" uses water from the lower reaches of Mount Fuji, which is famous for its high purity and adds a unique flavor to the whiskey during the brewing process.

This single malt whiskey is famous for its rich taste and gorgeous aroma. With an alcohol content of 43 degrees, it can provide a drinking experience where power and aroma coexist[4]. Its packaging design is elegant and usually comes with a beautiful gift box, which is very suitable as a gift or collection. Whether for whiskey lovers or those looking for a new taste experience, "Fujigane Pure Malt" is a wine worth trying.

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