Gris De Koshu 2022 甲州 白酒 白葡萄酒 瓶裝 750ml

Gris De Koshu 2022 Koshu White Wine Bottled 750ml

Grace Wine
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Wine 葡萄酒
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Capacity: 750ml
Alcohol content: 12%

"Gris De Koshu 2021" is a wine produced by Grace Wine in Japan A white wine that uses unique Koshu grape varieties. The "Gris" in the name of this wine represents the color of the Koshu grape skins, while "de" means "from" in French, and the overall meaning is "gray from Koshu."

The 2021 Gris De Koshu shows the freshness and meticulousness unique to Japanese wine. Koshu grapes are native to Yamanashi Prefecture and are known for their adaptability to the local climate and soil, producing wines with unique flavors, good acidity and a refreshing taste. This wine usually displays fruit aromas such as citrus and white peach, as well as a subtle mineral taste, and is suitable for pairing with seafood or light dishes.

Gris De Koshu 2021 has also received certain recognition and praise internationally for its elegant bottle design and excellent taste. This wine not only reflects Grace Wine’s exquisite winemaking and insistence on quality, but also represents the growing influence of Japanese white wine on the world-class stage.

Grace Winery carefully selects high-quality Koshu grapes from the county. This kind of grape has light purple skin and low tannin content. It can brew a light-bodied white wine and ferment it in stainless steel barrels. Compared with the acidity produced by oak barrel fermentation, the wine is elegant and delicate, with a refreshing apple and apricot-like fruit aroma. It is a white wine that fully embodies the characteristics of Koshu grapes. The wines produced in Japan are ideal for pairing with meals. Naturally, it works better with local food, especially when paired with the most difficult to control umami (UMAMI), it can highlight the matching value of "Koshu".

The 2013 "Decanter Asian Wine Award" International Judgment Gold Medal Award stars "Grand Maison Tokyo", a well-known Japanese artist "Kimura Takuya". The story tells the story of the chef's persistence and love for food. , the ingredient specifications, technology and services of Michelin-starred restaurants. The plot in episode 9 explains the pairing of food and wine. The Japanese white wine that appears in it is GRACE Gris de Koshu Koshu White Wine 2020. .

Product Features

- The popular "Kimura" Koshu liquor Grace Wine is the latest entry-level liquor in 2020!
- Brewed with 100% Koshu grapes from Yamanashi Prefecture. - The entrance is refreshing and sour, and the wine is light-bodied.
- With aromas of white peach, pear, orange and orange peel, the taste is dry and smooth.
- Suitable for appetizers, hot pot or seafood.

Persons purchasing intoxicating alcoholic products (beverages containing 1.2% ethanol by volume) must be at least 18 years old.
If the delivery staff has any doubts about the age of the recipient (under 18 years old), the delivery staff will ask the recipient to present their ID card or age proof document.

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