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Suntory 登美之丘甲州 2019 750ml 日本產白酒
Suntory 登美之丘甲州 2019 750ml 日本產白酒
Suntory 登美之丘甲州 2019 750ml 日本產白酒

Suntory Tobi-nogaoka Koshu 2019 750ml Japanese liquor

Suntory 三得利
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Wine 葡萄酒

Type: white wine, dry
Capacity: 750 ml
Grape origin: Tomigaoka Winery’s own vineyard in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, 100% origin
Grape variety: Koshu
Alcohol concentration: 12.0%

This white wine has the slightest bitter flavor of Japanese citrus fruits such as Hassaku ( Citrus genus Rutaceae native to Japan) and Satsuma Mandarin, exuding elegance. aroma. Its sourness is refreshing and mild, with a refreshing hint of astringency. The intense fruitiness characteristic of late-picked grapes adds depth to this wine.

This wine's balanced flavors make it suitable for any occasion, any time of the year, for lunch or dinner. Whether it's for everyday dining or casual moments, it pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes.

Recommended way to enjoy it:
[Drinking Suggestions]
In summer, you can enjoy it with laughter while grilling outdoors. In winter, it can be paired with warm pot dishes for a better flavor.
[Pairing with food]
Light food such as sashimi/Japanese food such as grilled chicken or hot pot food/Slightly greasy food such as fried food
[Suitable for scenes]
・Everyday dining・Lively activities such as outdoor barbecues

Manufacturer’s message:
Our Tobi-nogaoka Koshu white wine is both fresh and substantial, making it perfect for a variety of dishes. We are committed to creating wines that are free from unwanted flavors and have a pure taste, making them the perfect companion for your daily dinner table. Personally, I like to pair it with fried food such as fried pork cutlets or butter-fried meatballs. The refreshing bitterness unique to Koshu can make the taste even more refreshing. This slightly spicy white wine is also a great choice to drink during outdoor picnics!

I joined Suntory Company in 2021. As a cultivator, I inspect the growth of grapes every day. Although I have worked in the wine industry before and have experience growing grapes, Tobi-nogaoka Vineyard is very different from other vineyards. There are vast fields, ridges and slopes with unique characteristics. We need to carefully identify the characteristics of each area for cultivation. This is challenging work, but also fulfilling. To harvest fine grapes, proper cultivation must be carried out on quality trees. For example, when cultivating the "Koshu" variety, it is necessary to keep the thickness of the branches and the size of the ears consistent so that they can mature evenly. It's simple in theory, but quite difficult in practice. When the ideal grapes are finally harvested, the joy is enough to bring tears. In the future, I will continue to adhere to the principle of on-site first and produce wines that I can be proud of.

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