Kirin Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskey Fuji Gotemba Distillery Bottle 700ml

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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Alcohol concentration: 46%
Capacity: 700 ml bottle

Fuji Gotemba Distillery specializes in blending its grain whiskey. You can feel the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji every time you taste it. Single grain whiskey is known for its sweet and rich flavor.

Won gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) for four consecutive years.

※ The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is an annual alcohol competition hosted by the British alcohol professional publisher "Beverage International". In addition to the whiskey department, it also includes many categories such as brandy, tequila, gin, vodka, etc., and awards such as double gold, gold, silver, and bronze will be selected in each category. The whiskey department is judged by bartenders and distillers from whiskey distilleries around the world and is judged through blind tastings, so it is regarded as an authoritative award.

Tasting notes
[Top aroma]
Fragrant fruity aromas of raspberries and orange peel jam, as well as sweet aromas similar to pound cake and chestnut candy.

The taste is soft, with flavors of white grape, orange peel and bittersweet chocolate, as well as a spicy aroma similar to rye bread and cinnamon, with rich layers.

【End Rhyme】
Gentle and slightly sweet, with a vague aroma of wood, and a pleasant and long-lasting woody and spicy aftertaste.

About the whiskey brewing at Kirin Fuji Gotemba Distillery
It has been brewed in the submerged water of Mount Fuji for nearly 50 years, coupled with the cool climate and year-round fog, as well as the purified air of Susono Forest, The original sake produced by Fuji Gotemba Distillery perfectly blends the vitality of Mount Fuji's majestic natural landscape, quietly waiting for awakening in the aroma and taste.

Since its operation in 1973, it has introduced world-class whiskey manufacturing technology from Scotland, the United States, and Canada, and combined it with Kirin’s brewing technology and sophisticated knowledge cultivated over many years to continue to create Japanese-style whiskey. A unique whiskey with terroir characteristics.

A fresh, fruity and floral multi-layered aroma developed at the foot of Mount Fuji. Be sure to enjoy this "beautifully" flavored whiskey.

Words from chief bartender Tanaka Jonta
"Kirin SingleGrainWhiskey Fuji" is a combination of 3 types of Grainwhiskey with different characteristics and flavors The original wine is blended. One of them is the fragrant and rich-tasting bourbon-type grain whiskey, which is produced using the same "double" still used in the American bourbon industry, combined with the unique expertise of Fuji Gotemba Distilling Company. become. It is worth mentioning that, apart from the United States, the only company in the world with dual distillers is the Fuji Gotemba Distillery.

The second is Canadian-type grain whiskey, which uses the same single distillation method as the pot still used in single malt whiskey production, although it is more time-consuming than continuous distillation. It can produce original wine with a soft taste and rich depth and fruity taste. The only other company outside of Canada that uses this still to make whiskey is the Fuji Gotemba Distillery.

The third type is Scottish grain whiskey, which has a refreshing flavor and light taste, similar to the grain whiskey produced in Scotland. This original spirit may seem mild and light, but its role is not just to make the blended whiskey easier to drink, but to highlight the characteristics of other original spirits while also completing the entire blending process. After repeated experiments and blending, "Kirin Single Style Grain Japanese Whiskey Fuji" perfectly utilizes the respective characteristics of the three original liquors and achieves a wonderful balance.

During the blending process, our greatest concern was to express the representative aroma and style of Fuji Gotemba Distillery's grain whiskey. In the continuous trials of the bartending team, we are pursuing a fresh and fruity style bred by the natural environment at the foot of Mount Fuji. In order to achieve this, we use the fragrant and fruity Canadian original wine as the main skeleton of the aroma, supplemented by the gorgeous and thick characteristics of the bourbon type as support, and finally use the Scottish type original wine to add overall coordination and depth.

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