Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt 700ml 布萊迪

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt 700ml Bruichladdich

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol: 50%

Bruichladdich 10 Year Old Whiskey is entirely conceived, distilled, matured and bottled on the island of Islay. This wine is brewed from 100% Scottish barley and slowly distilled in a tall, narrow-necked still to achieve a balanced peat flavor with hints of barbecue smoke.

An Islay whiskey should show the essence of Islay as much as possible. -- Adam Hannett

Our Port Charlotte 10 Year Old is everything an Islay whiskey can and should be.

With the ambition to create the ultimate Islay whiskey, a single malt whiskey made by human hands rather than software; a whiskey whose maturation process is overseen every day by the maker himself. Whiskey; a whiskey born from a community with a vision and a mission to lead the single malt whiskey revolution. This Bruichladdich 10-year-old wine is our representative. This is where we originate.

We believe that Islay whiskey should live and breathe the fresh salty sea breezes of Islay throughout its entire life. This is not a spirit that is distilled on the island and immediately shipped to the mainland to mature in unspecified warehouses.

This is a spirit that originates from the islands and communities, truly expressing the spirit of the land, culture, and people.

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