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Nikka Taketsuru竹鶴 Pure Malt Whisky 純麥威士忌 瓶裝 500ml

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whiskey bottled 500ml

Nikka Whisky
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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 500ml
Alcohol content: 43%

Taketsuru Single Malt Whiskey won the "World's Best Blended Malt Whiskey" award in the international competition "World Whiskey Awards 2023" (WWA), providing the world with The highest honor blended malt whiskey. This is the first time Taketsuru Junmai has won this honor.

Zhuzuru is an unparalleled whiskey. Its smooth taste and rich layering are like the wild wind in the arctic ocean and the vitality of the clear stream in the forest. , although each has its own characteristics, it is perfectly integrated to form a world as vast as the universe.

This whiskey is carefully polished and combined with malt honed in the North Sea Road and malt cultivated in the green canyon. , a variety of flavors and aromas such as strong, gorgeous, thick and light coexist, creating a unique world of single malt whiskey. Behind it is the artistic blending skills cultivated by Nikka Whiskey.

After in-depth exploration and deep insights into countless original spirits, this whiskey creates an unprecedented harmony while looking to the future. The birth of the new product "Taketsuru Single Malt" is the crystallization of innovation and harmony.

In this beautiful and unified whole, the presence of various malts shines through. Sip the pure drink slowly and feel its essence. This whiskey only uses malt as raw material and does not contain any grains, pursuing the highest taste. Blenders carefully refine and recombine the various malts that Nikka Whiskey is proud of. This technique stems from the in-depth understanding of the personality of all original wines and the long-term accumulated knowledge and experience of the blenders of the past generations.

The main malts include Yoichi malt and Miyagikyo malt aged in sherry casks, and Miyagikyo malt aged in Limei oak casks. The palate is smooth and bright, and the aroma is lush and fruity. Rich malty sweetness and mouthfeel with a soft, lingering finish. First drink it straight and then add a little water. While confirming the malt characteristics that are constantly emerging, think about the subtleties of the blending technique.

Aroma: Fresh and sweet and sour fruit aroma like apples and apricots, accompanied by sweetness like toast or vanilla Soft oak aroma.
Taste: Fruity aroma similar to banana and candied citrus. The taste is light but full. You can feel the thickness of malt and the richness of peat.
Aftertaste: As sweet as bittersweet chocolate but with a hint of bitterness, the mild barrel aroma and peat aroma are comfortable and long-lasting.

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