Nikka Yoichi余市Woody & Vanillic 500ml 余市蒸餾所

Nikka Yoichi Yoichi Woody & Vanillic 500ml Yoichi Distillery

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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 500ml
Alcohol content: 55%

Yoichi Woody & Vanillic is a very distinctive single malt Japanese whiskey, this The whiskey is a single malt whiskey sold only at Yoichi Distillery. It retains the traditional style of Yoichi whiskey while displaying rich oak and vanilla aromas. This aroma comes from the carefully selected oak barrel aging process, making the whiskey flavor richer and more multi-dimensional.

In terms of taste, Woody & Vanillic provides a unique taste full of woody and vanilla sweetness, accompanied by light caramel and fruity aromas, making the overall taste balanced and harmonious. The packaging design of this whiskey cleverly incorporates wood and vanilla elements, which not only reflects its flavor characteristics, but also shows its value as a collectible.

Yoichi Distillery is located in Hokkaido and was founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, known as the "Father of Japanese Whiskey". The distillation site is located in a place with a climate, water and soil environment similar to that of Scotland, to ensure that a product that is comparable to or even better than Scotch whiskey is brewed. In the production process of Nika Yoichi Woody & Vanillic, they insist on using the traditional direct heating method of charcoal fire, and the original wine is aged in a cool cellar for more than ten years to mature.

This whiskey is priced relatively high in the market due to its excellent quality and unique taste, and the price has been on an upward trend recently. For lovers of Japanese whiskey and collectors looking for a unique flavor experience, Nika Yoichi Woody & Vanillic is a must-try.

There are five types of wine in this series. The malt whiskey part is called Key Malt Series. The three types are Peaty & Salty, Sherry & Sweety and Woody & Vanillic. The remaining two are Coffey Grain's. Woody & Mellow and Apple Brandy’s Fruity & Sweet. The purpose of Nikka's series is to showcase the different representative styles of its original whiskeys and to evolve them into ever-changing different styles.

Sweetness: mellow vanilla feel, smells like pear, mango.
Taste: Mild with noticeable barrel sweetness.
Aftertaste: Salty peat.

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