Macallan Classic Cut 2020 盒裝 700ml

Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Box 700ml

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 52.9%
Origin: Scotland

The Macallan Classic Cut - 2020 Edition is the third in the annual limited edition classic replica series. The perfect 52.9% alcohol concentration can fully demonstrate all the characteristics of this single malt whiskey. This is the optimum alcohol concentration, judged by Master Distiller Polly Logan, to bring out the distinctive sweet flavor and balance of the whiskey itself. To enjoy the full richness, pour the whiskey and let it air for 10-15 minutes for a more perfect tasting experience. Over time, citrus, sweet vanilla and spice flavors will become more pronounced, with a pleasant, long finish. Classic Cut 2020 is a completely indulgent single malt whiskey.

Each bottle of Macallan single malt whiskey reflects our unparalleled persistence and investment in winemaking technology and oak barrels, which is why The Macallan has always been praised since its establishment in 1824. The Macallan aspires to continually transcend the ordinary, pursue excellence, and create the highest quality single malt whisky.

One of the things that makes The Macallan so famous is the extraordinary oak casks that we are famous for. These oak barrels are strictly controlled by our oak barrel master team from the selection, purchase, production, toasting to moistening, so as to meet the specifications required by the winemaking team. Oak barrels are the most important and core element of this single malt whiskey’s excellent quality, pure natural color and rich aroma and flavor.

Once filled into oak barrels, the new wine to be matured will rest in the same oak barrel for a certain number of years until it has developed enough to be called a Macallan-flavored wine. Oak barrels are the most important and core element of Macallan single malt whiskey’s excellent quality, pure natural color, and distinctive aroma and flavor.

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