The Macallan 1841 Replica Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The Macallan 1841 Replica Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The Macallan 1841 Replica Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Macallan 1841 Replica Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

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Whisky 威士忌
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Macallan 1841 Replica is a single malt whiskey, the third in The Macallan's acclaimed Replica(Reissue) series. Released in 2003, it mimics the style of 1841. This whiskey embodies The Macallan’s replication of the characteristics of past whiskeys, presenting a tangible piece of history to collectors and enthusiasts.

As part of the Replica(Reissue) series, the 1841 replica follows its predecessor, the 1861 Reproductions of 1874 and 1874. What makes it unique is the careful recreation of the bottle style, including label and packaging, as well as the essence of the whisky, just like the original 1841 Macallan by Priest & Davidson. As owners of the distillery from 1847 to 1851, Priest & Davidson played a large role in its early history, adding another layer of historical significance to this edition.

The Macallan 1841 replica is released in a limited batch of 27,402 bottles. Each bottle contains 700 ml of whiskey with an alcohol concentration of 41.7% Vol. and is sealed with a cork. The 1841 Reissue is famous for being the first product in the series to recreate the style of 19th century whiskey, and therefore marks an important milestone in the "Reissue" series.

As for its market value, let’s take a look at some data:

Average Sale Price: Based on recent auction results, this bottle has sold for an average of approximately£1,324.7 1 .
Liquidity Score: Based on 561 bottles of auction data, there is a high probability that this wine will be sold at a price close to the average market price, but there is no guarantee.
According to Wine-Searcher, the average selling price of this bottle (excluding tax) is $10,800.

The Macallan 1841 Replica is not only a rare historical replica, it is also a sought after item among investors and collectors. Its unique historical background and the reputation of the Macallan brand have attracted much attention in the market.

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