The Botanist Islay Dry Gin 700ml

The Botanist
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Gin 氈酒

Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 46%

Brady’s chief bartender Jim McEwan invited two botanists to Lev and his wife hand-collected 40 species of local wild plants on Islay. Jim selected 22 of the most distinctive plants and used his 50 years of winemaking experience to create The Botanist Gin, the top botanist gin that represents the flavor of Islay, in 2010. 22 types of Islay plants are hand-collected and slowly distilled using the world's only Lomond still with low pressure and slow fire, allowing the clear and pure liquor to slowly extract the natural and native plant essences, and aggregate them into the most authentic Islay gin.

Botanist Gin is a unique Islay Dry Gin (DRYGIN). Without adding any essence, only 22 kinds of hand-collected local plants from Islay and 9 kinds of gin-specific plants are used to extract the essence of these fruits, bark, seeds and peels through slow distillation, which can better retain the delicate flavor. aromatic. When making a classic cocktail based on gin, it can retain the classic flavor while bringing out the elegant changes of plants.
Created by JIM MCEWAN, a pure Islay Islander and legendary brewing master. The alcohol concentration is 46%, with non-chill filtration to retain the richest aroma, and the creation, distillation and bottling are all completed on the island of Islay.

Color: bright and transparent.
Aroma: Light aroma of juniper berries, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, a kind of complex essential oil feeling.
Taste: Very warm and completely free from the stimulation of high alcohol content. The herbal aroma and mild and mellow body of the wine slowly bloom in the mouth with the saliva and body temperature. It is not abrupt and very comfortable. There is a trace of mud in the mouth. I don’t know if I have tried to associate it with the smell of gas.
Finish: long and fragrant herbal aroma and sweetness similar to licorice mint candy.

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