Suntory 塩尻 岩垂原梅洛Iwadarehara Merlot 2017 750ml 日本產紅酒

Suntory Shiojiri Iwadarehara Merlot 2017 750ml Japanese red wine

Suntory 三得利
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Wine 葡萄酒

Type: Full Body
Capacity: 750ml
Grape origin: Nagano Prefecture
Grape variety: Merlot
Alcohol concentration: 12%

This The 2017 Iwatahara Merlot red wine. Although the grape growing conditions were challenging that year, the grapes that finally matured were large and highly mature, creating a soft taste. The wine is distinguished by its sharp start and subsequent rich aromas, including notes of black currants and various berries, as well as spicy notes. It also has firm tannins and a lingering sour finish. The cool climate of the Iwatarigahara area, which is over 700 meters above sea level, is able to produce Merlot wines with ripe fruit aromas and concentrated taste. This wine's complex and rich aroma and concentrated taste perfectly represent the characteristics of the Iwatahara region.

Because of the strong flavor of this red wine, it may be overshadowed by more delicate dishes. It is recommended to pair with meat dishes with strong flavor to achieve the best dining enjoyment.

【Drinking Suggestions】
It is recommended to enjoy this powerful red wine with meat dishes to achieve a perfect meal match.

【Food Pairing】
Game dishes, meat dishes (especially red meat steaks), Japanese dishes (including sashimi)

【Suitable occasions】
With When dining with family, friends or loved ones.

Message from the winemaker:
"Iwatahara Merlot" shows the uniqueness of this land. 2016 was a challenging year for grape growing, but the result was large, ripe grapes that resulted in a soft taste. This hard and full texture is unique to grapes grown in the cool Iwatahara region. Please take your time and taste this wine!

I joined Suntory more than 20 years ago and made whiskey, highballs and other alcoholic beverages at the Azusa Forest Factory in Tochigi Prefecture. Although I am mainly engaged in wine making, in 2015 I came to Shiojiri Winery. Since it is smaller than the Dome Côte winery, I can be involved in all stages from viticulture, winemaking, content development, bottling to product promotion.

Making wine starts with soil cultivation, which is a job that requires long-term investment. Due to annual climate changes, the way you interact with the grapes also varies from year to year. Unlike other wines, no water is used in making wine, so the quality of the grapes directly affects the taste of the finished product. Not having a set production manual is one of the challenges of this job, but that's why it's a lot of fun.

We work with local farmers who have long-term cooperation to cultivate grapes. The autumn harvest period is of particular interest as we want to harvest when the grapes are at their peak ripeness. Therefore, we also need to maintain close communication with farmers and pay attention to the growth of grapes and weather changes.

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