Suntory 角瓶啤酒杯/威士忌Hignball杯 375ml
Suntory 角瓶啤酒杯/威士忌Hignball杯 375ml

Suntory Corner Beer Glass/Whiskey Hignball Cup 375ml

Suntory 三得利
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Product manufacturing country: Japan
Dimensions: diameter 75 × height 140 mm (weight about 540 grams)
Capacity: about 375 ml

Popular in both TV commercials and izakayas Brilliant. With its shining Japanese nail texture and distinctive yellow label, it has maintained the classic "corner bottle" bottle design since it was first launched in 1937. Using a cutting technique similar to Satsuma Kiriko, this cup is engraved with the auspicious Kanji pattern, which symbolizes "longevity" like a turtle. The groove on the upper part of the cup handle is a carefully designed structure, making it easy to hold the cup when raising a toast. Whether it's a night out as a couple or a family gathering with friends and family, you can raise this corner beer glass and toast together during joyful conversations.

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