Sakurao Hamagou Gin 櫻尾琴酒特別版 瓶裝 700ml 日本手工琴酒
Sakurao Hamagou Gin 櫻尾琴酒特別版 瓶裝 700ml 日本手工琴酒

Sakurao Hamagou Gin Sakurao Hamagou Gin Special Edition Bottled 700ml Japanese Handmade Gin

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Gin 氈酒
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Alcohol content: 47%
Capacity: 700ml

Sakurao Gin Sakurao Gin special edition, the sapphire blue bottle has a beautiful color and is pleasing to the eye. It claims to be hand-picked from vines grown on Miyajima, and brewed and distilled in small batches.

Vitex, a small purple flower that grows on the seashore, likes sandy ground and grows creeping like a vine. Miyajima is the location of Hiroshima's famous historic site "Itsukushima Shrine". There are vines surrounding Miyajima. Philodendron is also found in Taiwan, and is common on the central coast, Penghu, Xiaoliuqiu, Green Island, and Orchid Island.

If you drink it alone, the first taste will remind you of gin and soap, and it will have a grassy aroma after entering your throat. In addition, it seems to have the breath of the sea.

The raw materials include 6 kinds of plants grown in Hiroshima, Japan: vine (Japanese: ハマゴウ, a small purple flower that can grow on the sandy and salty land on the seashore, see the picture above), rosemary, and Shiranui (a kind of Large tangerines produced in Kyushu, Japan, similar to ponkans that are on the market during the Spring Festival in Taiwan), lavender, green tea, and mint.

With 6 imported plants: juniper berries, angelica, licorice, and coriander seeds. The above four are common gin raw materials; vanilla pods and caraway seeds (spices with the aroma of both juniper berries and mint) ).

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