Nikka Days Blended Whisky 盒裝 700ml

Nikka Days Blended Whisky Box 700ml

Nikka Whisky
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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 40%

Nikka, a famous Japanese wine merchant, has launched a new blended whiskey - Nikka Days. It is said that the reason why it was named Days means that it can be used as a daily ration of wine [Japanese blended whiskey] DAYS Blended using peated malt whiskey from Yoichi Distillery in Japan and grain whiskey from Miyagikyo Distillery in Japan.

With its soft and floral taste, Nikka Days Blended Whiskey is the perfect companion for everyday life. It combines delicate grain whiskey with slightly peated malt whiskey to create a harmonious and enjoyable flavour.

The color is light amber orange, giving off a warm and sunny atmosphere. On the aroma, Nikka Days displays a slight peat aroma, accompanied by hints of cinnamon, malt, sweet citrus and caramel. These aromas are intertwined and feel as comfortable as taking a walk in the sun.

In terms of taste, this whiskey is soft and gentle, with almost no irritation. You can taste subtle layers of cinnamon, crème brûlée, toasted butter, butterscotch, and mild Asian allspice. The flavors unfold lightly in the mouth, ultimately leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Nikka Days is a blended whiskey suitable for daily enjoyment. Whether it is shared at a gathering with friends or enjoying time alone, it can bring a relaxing joy.

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