Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe 白瓶 瓶裝 660ml
Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe 白瓶 瓶裝 660ml

Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe White Bottle 660ml

Nikka Whisky
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白蘭地 Brandy
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Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe is a top brandy launched by Nikka, a well-known Japanese spirits manufacturer. XO, the abbreviation of "Extra Old", means that this brandy has been aged in oak barrels for at least six years. This process gives the brandy a deep and complex flavor. Nikka's founder Masataka Taketsuru developed a deep passion for brewing alcoholic beverages while studying chemistry and whiskey production in Scotland, which also laid the foundation for the birth of Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe.

The taste of this XO Deluxe brandy demonstrates Nikka's exquisite mastery of the brewing process. It has rich layers and a smooth taste. As you drink it, you can taste the sweetness of ripe fruits, elegant woody aromas and subtle aftertaste of vanilla and chocolate, which intertwine to create a warm and long finish.

The packaging design of "Nikka Brandy XO Deluxe" is elegant and noble. The streamlined shape of the bottle and the exquisite label design make it a good choice for gifts and a treasure for brandy collectors. Whether it's a celebratory drink for a special occasion or a quiet evening sipping, it's sure to bring you extraordinary enjoyment.

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