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Nikka Black Clear 1800ml 日本威士忌

Nikka Black Clear 1800ml Japanese Whiskey

Nikka Whisky
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Capacity: 1800ml
Alcohol content: 37%

Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whiskey and the founder of NIKKA WHISKY, had the dream of making whiskey that was not inferior to the native Scotch whiskey. , always emphasizing and practicing the importance of blending technology in whiskey making. NIKKA whiskey still inherits this spirit and technology and insists on making real whiskey.

NIKKA Whiskey has launched a product using non-peated malt (barley malt dried without peat, without the smoky flavor derived from peat), thereby achieving a soft aroma and round taste, This is known as "NIKKA BLACK CLEAR". In terms of flavor, NIKKA BLACK CLEAR provides a soft malt aroma, accompanied by light fruity and floral aromas. It's light on the palate with subtle sweetness and smokiness, making it perfect for a variety of occasions. This whiskey is not only suitable for drinking alone, but can also be used as a base for cocktails, allowing people to mix it according to their own preferences. This whiskey has a refreshing taste without any unpleasant taste and is worth a try.

And who is "Uncle Bearded"? Holding an ear of barley and a small wine glass under his nose, tasting the original wine used for blending, this figure is known as the "King of Masters of Blending and ". He is a whiskey blending expert who can distinguish many aromas. He is known as the British "Sir Walter Raleigh" (WPローリー) is the prototype and is known as the "King of Harmony and ". In 1965, Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of NIKKA Whiskey, took the image of the "King of Blending Masters" as an ideal symbol of whiskey production and engraved it on the label of NIKKA BLACK. As NIKKA's first chief blender, Masataka also has a beard and is often asked whether the characters on the label are modeled after him. In response to this, Masataka responded with humor: "I am not so thick-skinned as to use my face as a label. Besides, the bearded man on the label has blue eyes. How does he look like me?" He always answered with a smile.

While maintaining its own strengths, each whiskey can enhance each other's flavors and achieve harmony at a higher level. This is the greatest charm of blended whiskey. NIKKA BLACK CLEAR achieves a clean, easy-to-drink taste by blending peat-free, light-tasting "non-peated malt" with high-quality grain whiskey with moderate sweetness and aroma. The highball made with "Henika Clear" also tastes great. In order to pay tribute to the beard of the "King of Masters", this golf ball was named "Beard Golf". Why not try this refreshing taste?
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