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磯自慢 秘藏寒造り 純米吟釀 生詰 1800ml

Isojiman Hidden Cold Brew Junmai Ginjo 1800ml

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Sake 日本清酒

Capacity: 1800ml
Alcohol content: 15%
Producing area: Shizuoka Prefecture
Rice variety: Special A District Yamada Nishiki

Isojiman attaches great importance to the quality of sake. It uses underground mountain spring water from the Oigawa River in Shizuoka Prefecture and a century-old homemade yeast to brew high-quality sake through low-temperature aging. Because of this persistence, Isojiman has won numerous awards over the years and was selected as the designated wine for the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido in 2008.

This junmai ginjo is brewed from the special Yamada Nishiki produced in Tojo, a special area in Hyogo Prefecture. It has an elegant body and a clear and silky taste. It can be tasted with seafood and sashimi to enhance the freshness and strengthen the sea water. Taste, coupled with the fact that this sake is brewed in winter (Hanzoり) and heated at a low temperature before being stored in a sake tank. After more than half a year of maturation, the sake will be mellower and deeper.

Shuzo Introduction
Isojiman Shuzo is a traditional sake brewery founded in 1830. It is located in Yakizu. The Japanese sake it brews is deeply loved and has won world-class sake. evaluation of. This historic winery is known for its aromatic, fruit-like aroma and depth of flavor. About 70% of the water used for brewing is taken from the Oigawa River, the source of the Hakuho Sanzan and Mano Mountains in the Southern Alps. The key raw material for brewing, sake rice, is carefully selected from high-quality sake brewing rice from all over the country. Especially Yamada Nishiki. Isojiman Brewery mainly uses Yamada Nishiki produced in Tojo, Hyogo Prefecture, and brews it according to different areas of the fields. It has launched the famous Blue Bottle series, which is similar to the AOC in the wine world. An innovative attempt at the hierarchical system of (legal production area naming control).

With the increasing interest in safe and high-quality food in recent years, Isojiman Shuzo has also begun to emphasize the importance of "terroir" in Japanese sake brewing. Since 2017, the brewery has launched the highest-grade Japanese sake in history, which is made using 19% rice polishing. In addition, it has won numerous awards in various alcoholic beverage competitions and has attracted worldwide attention as the toast wine at the Lake Toya Summit. In the future, Izoman Brewery will undoubtedly continue to become the focus of the industry.

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