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Hendrick's Lunar Gin Limited Release 700ml 亨利爵士月神琴酒

Hendrick's Lunar Gin Limited Release 700ml Sir Henry Lunar Gin

Hendrick's Gin
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Gin 氈酒
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 43.4%

The "Hendrick's Lunar Gin" launched in 2021, in addition to continuing Sir Henry's unique bottle shape, the bottle label The dark blue of the night sky combined with the totem design of the starry sky and the luster of the indigo glass on the bottle make this Luna Gin visually full of mystery.

Lesley Gracie, Sir Henry's chief brewer who likes to garden at midnight, said that some plants only emit charming fragrance under the moonlight. In the silent night, various smells and feelings can be experienced. It will amplify, and the halo of moonlight will enrich your reaction to everything. It was this inspiration that led Leslie to create Hendricks Lunar Gin, which is suitable for sipping on quiet nights.

A smooth and inviting gin, rich in night-blooming floral essence (Infused with nocturnal essential oils) and a delicate balance of warm baking spices, LUNAR is perfect for enjoying a casual evening at home. A curious companion for sunsets and starry nights with friends, with charming and refreshing citrus tones, tropical fruits, herbal notes, and the sweetness of cantaloupe at the end, people who love pure drinks can also enjoy multiple taste bud stimulations at the same time. Add it to cocktails to highlight the unique fruity aroma of Hendricks Lunar Gin.

Aroma: The fragrance of night blooming flowers, and fresh citrus flavor
Taste: With aromas of tropical fruits and herbs
Aftertaste: Lightly sweet flavor with delicate cantaloupe
Persons purchasing intoxicating alcoholic products (beverages containing 1.2% ethanol by volume) must be at least 18 years old.
If the delivery staff has any doubts about the age of the recipient (under 18 years old), the delivery staff will ask the recipient to present their ID card or age proof document.

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