Hendrick's Gin 英式茶杯禮盒 1000ml 亨利爵士琴酒
Hendrick's Gin 英式茶杯禮盒 1000ml 亨利爵士琴酒
Hendrick's Gin 英式茶杯禮盒 1000ml 亨利爵士琴酒

Hendrick's Gin English Tea Cup Gift Set 1000ml Sir Henry's Gin

Hendrick's Gin
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Gin 氈酒
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Capacity: 1000ml
Alcohol content: 44%

Strictly selected thirteen special raw materials, traditional and special brewing process, and With its unique aroma and taste, it was first launched in the United States in 2001, the United Kingdom in 2003, and Spain in 2004. It has swept the drinking markets all over the world, and has won many awards, making it quickly become the most popular drink. Premium gin.

Carefully select unique raw materials:
"Sir Henry (Hendrick's) Gin" from the west of Scotland, England, specially selected thirteen kinds Botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander and citrus peels. In addition, two unique secret recipes of "Bulgarian rose petals" and "Dutch cucumbers" are added, as well as Scotland's special lowland soft water. It is brewed in small quantities while maintaining quality. Super premium wine. (Usually small-scale production refers to the production of 500 liters at a time, but "Sir Henry" only produces 200 liters at a time)

Unique traditional special brewing process"
The Carriage Head Still was made in 19th century London and maintained by the coppersmiths of Grant & Sons, who carefully kept it in its original condition. The Carriage Head Still is different from ordinary stills in that it not only contains ingredients Boil until boiling, especially during the entire distillation process, the aroma of natural plants is densely integrated in the still. When the distillation is carried out in a more relaxed and slow state, the flavor of the wine tends to be rounder and softer. In such a complete During the four-distillation manufacturing process, the carriage head still completely immersed all the raw materials in the steam bath, and through perfect fusion again and again, the masterpiece-"Sir Henry" was born.

Unique aroma and smell:
"Sir Henry" gin contains rich and charming plant aroma, with juniper berry, cucumber, mustard Withering is exquisitely harmonious, and the fragrance of violet and rose petals is sealed in layers, forming a smooth and smooth taste that perfectly matches the fragrance of plants; after sipping and tasting, the complex smell extends, with a hint of citrus and juniper. Taste, with delicate and refreshing aroma of cucumber and rose overflowing in the mouth.

The 13 raw materials used in Hendrick's Gin:
. Juniper
. Coriander seed Coriander seed
. Angelica root Angelica root
. Lemon peel Lemon peel
. Orange Peel
. Caraway seed
. Orris root iris root
. Cubeb berries tail pepper
. Elderflower Elderflower
. Camomile
. Yarrow
. cucumber small cucumber
. Bulgarian rose

Fragrance: juniper berry, light rose fragrance, refreshing cucumber.
Taste: Mild herbal taste.
Finish: citrus and juniper berries.

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