Glenmorangie Allta Single Malt Whisky 盒裝 700ml

Glenmorangie Allta Single Malt Whisky Box 700ml

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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 43%

Yeast has always been an important component of Scotch whiskey, but over the years, the impact of yeast on the flavor However, its power has been completely forgotten, and distilleries tend to focus on other whiskey making processes. Bill. With his Ph.D. background in biochemistry, Dr. Liang Sidun is able to keenly and continuously pay attention to the potential of yeast. A few years ago, he remembered the late, great whiskey critic Michael. Michael Jackson once told him a little-known story: Glenmorangie was rumored to have a unique "homemade" yeast, so he began to further explore the impact of yeast on the flavor of whiskey.

Dr. Bill was inspired when he set foot in the wheat fields adjacent to the distillery. He collected some Cadboll barley and brought it to the laboratory for analysis and discovered Saccharomyces in the laboratory. diaemath) - a type of wild yeast that had not yet been discovered. And more importantly, the new yeast could be used to make whiskey. Bill. Dr. Liang Siton was extremely eager to explore the impact of this wild yeast on Glenmorangie spirit, so he set out to arrange the cultivation of this special yeast. When the Cadbury Golden barley on which the yeast is grown is mature and ready for brewing, he combines the two to create a fragrant and aromatic spirit. In order to emphasize the influence of yeast on the wine, Dr. Bill chose two- and three-round American white oak bourbon barrels for maturation, highlighting the different floral and fruity aromas brought by the yeast. A few years later, a rich, smooth whiskey was born, unveiling a new series of Glenmorangie signatures.

This milestone yeast is a concrete demonstration of Glenmorangie’s unbridled creativity. Since the launch of the "Private Collection Series" project in 2009, this series has allowed the whiskey creation team to explore rare barrel aging techniques, try rare raw materials, and let their imaginations run freely. Bill. Dr. Simon Leung said: "Glenmorangie Allta "Wild" is a whiskey worthy of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Private Reserve Series. For many years, the influence of yeast on flavor has often been ignored, but it is an area ripe for exploration. Bring biscuits, bake Aromas of bread and floral aromas, along with rich flavors of vanilla, orange syrup and bell pepper, open up amazing possibilities for the future of Scotch whisky."

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