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Glenfarclas Aged 12 Years High land Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1000ml 格蘭花格 12年

Glenfarclas Aged 12 Years High land Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 1000ml Glenfarclas 12 Years

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 1000ml
Alcohol content: 43%

Scotland Glenfarclas 12-year-old single malt whiskey, 2007 Jim MurryS Whiskey Bible, very high evaluation and approval: Glenfarclas 12-year-old was rated as 89 points. In the 2006 Single Malt World Cup, Glenfarclas won the Best Sherry Flavored Single Malt Whiskey Award for the 12th year.

This wine has an amber gold color, a pleasant fruity, oaky and sweet aroma, and a long and rich aftertaste. Glenfarclas uses Spanish sherry oak barrels and American white oak barrels for aging, blending and bottling. Therefore, it combines the aroma and color characteristics of the two barrels, and all products are not color-adjusted.

Glenfarclas Glenfarclas The valley of green grassland lives at the foot of Ben Rinnes mountain. The snow water in winter melts and becomes the most important mountain spring water for brewing Glenfarclas. Using only premium grains and brewing techniques passed down from generation to generation, among the hundreds of malt whiskey distilleries in Scotland, Glenfarclas can be said to be the most unique. This statement is not just because of the factory. The single malt whiskey produced in the Speyside region has the highest reputation among all parties.

In an environment where other distilleries have been merged and divided by major consortiums and gradually lost their independence, Glenfarclas still insists on being independently operated by the family and insists on following the true tradition of making wine. In this industry where a hundred schools of thought contend, Glenfarclas can be said to be the most unique and unique one. Only connoisseurs who truly do not follow the crowd can appreciate a unique product like this.

Balanced aroma of malt and sherry barrels
Color: light amber
Smell: fresh and light flavor, malt aroma, fruity aroma brought by sherry barrels, light spice Combined with a sweet scent, there is a hint of woodiness.
Taste: Full and rich taste, with pleasant fruity aroma, woody notes, and delicious sweetness.
Finish: long aroma.

Award record:
2020 International Spirits Competition "Gold Medal"
2019 Scotch Whiskey Master "Silver Medal"
2016 San Francisco Spirits Competition "Gold Medal"
2016 Jim Murray Whiskey Bible "94 points/100" 2015 IWSC "Silver Award"

What Scottish single malt whiskey wants to show is the perfect balance between malt liquor and oak barrels. Glenfarclas 12 years old explains this very well . The aroma of malt, the flavor of sherry barrels, wood and spice are the best footnotes of this whiskey.

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