Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength 1000ml 格蘭花格105原酒

Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength 1000ml Glenfarclas 105 original wine

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 1000ml
Alcohol content: 60%

Original liquor is a special product in whiskey. Generally, whiskey is diluted with water to more than 40 degrees before bottling, or The winery determines the concentration that best brings out and displays the winery's characteristic style. By definition, "original wine is wine that is taken directly from the barrel and bottled without dilution." For example, Glenfarclas 105 and limited edition Barrel original wine horse series.

The mellow and multi-layered taste of Glenfarclas 105 allows it to present different flavors in a variety of drinking methods. It can be drunk neat, added with water, added with ice, and mixed into a variety of styles. Mixing drinks... and other diverse drinking methods,
If you like variety and mellowness, let's go to Glenfarclas to "105 original wine is the most delicious".

Color: Dark gold
Smell: Complex and rich aroma, obvious cocoa and fruity aroma, and attractive toffee sweetness.
Taste: Strong and thick feeling, the flavor expression is very direct, rich in spices, the fruity aroma brought by sherry barrels, and a hint of woody tone.
Finish: warm, unexpectedly smooth for the original wine.

Award record:
2019 Scotch Whiskey Master "Gold Medal"
2019 International Spirits Competition "Silver Medal"
2017 IWSC "Silver Medal"
2014 International Wine and Spirits Competition "Silver Award"

Matured in 100% sherry barrels, with a 60% barrel strength concentration of 105, a strong taste impact, the flavor of the original wine in sherry barrels is "the most delicious"

Obvious Cocoa and fruity aroma, seductive toffee sweet finish, thick and unexpectedly smooth

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