Kirin Fuji Mt. Fuji aged sake 50° 700ml

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Japanese Whisky 日本威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 50%

"Fujiyama Roku Taru Aged Sake 50°" is a A whiskey with a fresh, deep taste and sweet bottle aroma.

The alcohol concentration of this whiskey is 50°, which is conducive to the dissolution of the aroma components in the whiskey. Generally speaking, the alcohol concentration of whiskey will be as high as over 60° when it is put into oak barrels. It is then matured and blended, and water is added to adjust to the final alcohol concentration before bottling. During this process, if the alcohol concentration drops too quickly, the originally dissolved flavor components may precipitate.

"Fujiyama Foothills Aged Raw Sake 50°" uses raw sake produced by a rigorously tested aging method in the environment of Fuji Gotemba Distillery. It uses malt whiskey with an alcohol content of 50° and grain whiskey with an alcohol content of 55°, and is matured in 180-liter small oak barrels.

When bottling this whiskey, we strive to keep it close to the state when it comes out of the barrel, so as to preserve the best flavor of the original wine. As a result, there is almost no change in alcohol concentration during barrel aging and bottling, which means that very little flavor components are released.

"Fujisan Foot Taru Maki Original Sake 50°" adopts the non-chill filtration method. This is a method of bottling directly without cooling filtration during the productization stage, which can retain the rich flavor components of the whiskey. This method is often used for high-end or limited-edition products.

Usually when whiskey is bottled, water is added to adjust the alcohol concentration or at low temperatures, the originally dissolved aroma components will precipitate and cause the liquid to become turbid. To prevent this turbidity, cooling filtration is generally performed. However, since the flavor components of "Fujiyama Roku Taru 50°" have been sealed at a high alcohol concentration of 50°, very few components are precipitated, making it possible to use the non-chill filtration method.

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