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梵 超吟 純米大吟醸 盒裝 720ml 皇室献上酒

Bom Chao Gin Junmai Daiginjo, boxed 720ml, wine presented by the royal family

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Alcohol content: 16-17%
Capacity: 720ml
Production date: 2022.5
Polished rice mix: 20%
Alcohol Degree: 16-17 degrees
Japanese sake degree: +2.0
Acidity: 1.3

Ban Sake is a famous sake from Fukui Prefecture, and "Cho Gin" is the top model in the Fukui Japanese sake series.
20% of them use Yamada Nishiki rice grown in the Special A area of ​​Hyogo Prefecture and are aged at minus 8 degrees for more than 5 years.
This is a well-known representative in the Japanese sake industry and is usually used at important national events and dinner events.

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