Dassai 2/3 Junmai Daiginjo 1800ml

Dassai 獺祭
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Sake 日本清酒

Capacity: 1800ml
Alcohol content: 16%
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Using Yamada Nishiki that has been ground to only 23%, challenge to make the best junmai daiginjo.
It has an intoxicating fragrance and a honey-like sweetness. When the wine goes down the throat, a refreshing aftertaste lingers in the mouth.

Divided into two and three parts, various stories were born

All efforts are made to deliver this ultimate fine grinding satisfaction to customers who drink this wine. This legendary two-and-a-half is often mentioned in books or on TV as Japan’s most refined two-and-a-half, but there have been various incidents between us.

The first fine grinding

Left: Yamada Nishiki rice Right: Yamada Nishiki rice ground to 23%

The original brewing plan was to Brewing 25% pure rice daiginjo. I first looked at the ears of Yamada Nishiki rice grown by all the company members in the company's paddy fields, and I thought of using this rice to make the most refined sake in Japan. After confirming that the brown rice had entered the rice polishing machine and started to be polished, I went on a business trip. A friend I met on the way told me that a large brewery was selling junmai daiginjo with 24% polished rice. After thinking about it for a night, on the Shinkansen return trip the next day, I used the train phone to ask the employee responsible for rice polishing to reduce the additional 2% to 23%. It has been six days and nights since the rice milling began. After exhausting his efforts, he finally convinced the tired man to grind 2% more, but it would take another 24 hours to grind the 2% more. It took a total of seven days and 168 hours of fine grinding time.

New Year's Day Pressing
The new plan for the year 2000 is to start pressing at 0:01 on New Year's Day, a limited-edition fine-milling of two-thirds, which is the "January Year's Day Pressing". As a result, a VIP of a certain country's head of state came to place an order for wine for the New Year party. But unfortunately, in 2000, New Year's Day and the second day of the Lunar New Year happened to be Saturday and Sunday. Since the other party is a liberal country, even VIPs at the head of state level cannot use privileges to clear the border. As a result, the winery employees flew to the other country with the wine to deliver the wine, and the order was successfully completed. The employee who delivered the drinks then spent two fantastic days in that country.

Of course it tastes better if it is ground into two-thirds with Dassai spirit.
The name of Dassai spirit that is ground into two-thirds comes from the fact that the rice used for brewing is milled to 23%, which should be the highest number in Japan. . We do not believe that rice is perfect just because it is polished to the extreme. We are not satisfied with numbers but strive to be number one in Japan. What we are most afraid of hearing is "Dassai is not as delicious as imagined". Our ideal wine has a luxurious aroma, mellow taste, thick aroma and just the right acidity. This natural balance will exude a refreshing taste after sliding into the throat, and then continue. Long lasting finish.

Not all of them will be finely milled into 2-3 parts.
Asahi Shuzo brews several sake tanks with 23% Yamada Nishiki every year, but not all the wine from the tanks is qualified to be finely milled into 2-part pieces. Three points. Although it is a shame, there will always be some wine tanks that are not up to par. A few years ago, a considerable number of 2-3 products were downgraded because they could not meet the standards we required. However, the number of orders increased significantly compared with the previous year. Although it was a pity that the brewing process did not go smoothly, I was also moved by the support from customers, so I had to divide the small amount into two-thirds and distribute it to each subscriber as much as possible.

Although a lot has changed, only the heart remains the same
From the earliest time when I simply wanted to try brewing two-and-a-half-quarters of finely milled rice, to the pursuit of the highest-grade rice with 23% of the highest-grade polished rice. Good wine. We are not satisfied with the status quo, but continue to bring about changes through self-examination every year. A friend once gave me a bottle of the earliest 2/3s from his personal collection, and attached a touching compliment. This bottle of the earliest two-thirds can be described as "personalized". It is really delicious. This is a huge blow to us who focus on brewing techniques.

Please drink it slowly
A variety show once introduced the Dassai essence crushed into two and divided into three parts. The program was conducted in a very relaxed way, choosing the real Dassai among three kinds of wine. Just like a common red wine tasting variety show segment, a female artist in the show said, "This wine doesn't have the same choking feeling as the Japanese sake I've drunk so far, so this is the real Das Matsuri." and chose the real Das Matsuri. . We often say, “You’ll know a good wine as soon as you drink it, but you won’t understand a wine you’ve never tasted.” Her thoughts confirmed our words. But what another artist said also aroused our interest, "This wine is indeed delicious at the first sip, but it will taste better and better with the second and third sips." Of course we pursue Dassai Jingmi. It's a delicious dish divided into two parts, but you can also experience various flavors behind its delicious taste. It is this profound deliciousness that we strive for.
So please drink it slowly and enjoy its delicious taste. Dassai sesame milled into two and three parts will surely give you a variety of delicious flavors.

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