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3粒米 夏の童話/夏の訪客 山田錦 純米大吟釀 720ml 夏のおとずれ 大嶺酒造 三粒米

Ohmine 3 grains summer edition Yamada Nishiki Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

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Sake 日本清酒
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Capacity: 720ml
Alcohol content: 12.5%

Sangrain Misha no のおとずれ is a Japanese sake specially launched for summer, " "Natsuのおとずれ" means the coming of summer , and is brewed by a blend of three different kinds of sake rice carefully selected by the winemaker. This limited-edition sake is designed to capture the freshness of summer and showcase the harmonious flavors of different rice varieties through a unique brewing process.

The label on the bottle was designed by "Misaki Tanaka" who loves melancholic style. She also loves sake and songs. She is popular for her slightly naughty and cute youth-style illustrations, wearing diving glasses. The mermaid with the breathing tube is beautiful and impressive. The general impression of mermaids is that of a beautiful and short-lived fairy tale, and a fleeting time. Now, the summery mermaid is designed on the wine bottle to add summer memories of a brief encounter with the mermaid. This work has a fresh and refreshing aroma of apples and citrus, with a crisp and translucent taste and rich fruity taste. It is also an unprecedented "original wine" work in Mingpin with an alcohol content as low as 12.5%, which is very easy to drink.

The goal of "Omine Shuzo" ​​is to brew Japanese sake that is global and that even foreigners will find delicious. They use the spring water of Benten Pond, one of Japan's famous Hyakusui. All products are pure rice brewed without additives and are all hand-brewed. The product name, label, and description are printed directly on the bottle, which is different from traditional wine bottles. The wine label is printed on flat paper and then affixed to the bottle. This time, the artist "Kawamura Yasuji" was specially invited to design the bottle pattern for "Ohmine". The brand's iconic rice grain pattern is presented in a collage form, and the rare rice species "Love" known as "Magic Rice" is used. Brewed in the mountains, it exudes an attractive lychee aroma, with a rich and layered fruity aroma.

"Ohmine" is characterized by a rich and gorgeous aroma like white peach, a smooth and soft body, balanced sweetness and acidity, and a deliberately low alcohol content, making it a wine with full transparency. It is equally suitable as a pre-dinner drink or as an accompaniment to meals. It is loved by Michelin three-star restaurants, famous product launches, etc. for its mellow and rich aroma.

This sake can not only be drunk alone, but can also be used as a good wine to pair with summer dishes. Its simple and seasonal packaging design can often attract the attention of consumers and become the highlight of summer banquets.

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