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3粒米雄町 秋麗かすみ生酒 純米大吟醸 1800ml 大嶺酒造 三粒米

3-grain rice Omachi Akuri かすみ raw sake Junmai Daiginjo 1800ml Dailing Shuzo 3-grain rice

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Sake 日本清酒
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Capacity: 720ml
Alcohol content: 13%

Sangrain Minocho Akuri かすみ Raw Sake is a seasonal brewed by Orine Shuzo This limited-edition sake uses high-quality Omachi rice. Omachi rice is a sake rice variety unique to Okayama Prefecture, Japan, known for its rich flavor and excellent texture. This nacha (unpasteurized sake) retains the natural bubbles and fresh rice aroma of the sake, providing a unique and vivid taste experience.

"かすみshotake" means that the sake is bottled with a trace amount of sake dregs, which gives the sake a slight cloudiness but also adds depth and richness to the flavor. Autumn is the time when new Japanese sake is released. This "Akili" is brewed to celebrate the harvest, symbolizing the change of seasons and the beauty of nature.

Da Ling Shuzo is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, near Akiyoshidai, and the water quality here is considered very suitable for brewing sake. They combine traditional craftsmanship with modern brewing technology to create sake with a soft, sweet and unique taste. This sake is suitable for drinking cold or lukewarm, and can be paired with a variety of foods such as shrimp and crab, sashimi, sushi, and white fish.

All in all, "Sangrai Yimiocho Akuri かすみ Raw Sake" is a sake that can represent the brewing craftsmanship and autumn flavor of Omine. It is suitable for enjoying on special occasions and is also a good choice for collecting and tasting Japanese seasonal sake. .

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