Choya 蝶矢頂級金箔梅酒 Gold Edition 500ml
Choya 蝶矢頂級金箔梅酒 Gold Edition 500ml
Choya 蝶矢頂級金箔梅酒 Gold Edition 500ml
Choya 蝶矢頂級金箔梅酒 Gold Edition 500ml

Choya Premium Gold Foil Plum Wine Gold Edition 500ml

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Umeshu 梅酒
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Capacity: 500ml
Alcohol content: 19%

Made from 100% carefully selected large-grain Kishu-produced Nanko plums It is made and soaked exclusively with brandy from the Cognac region of France to create the company's top-quality plum wine.

The refreshing sourness of Nango plums complements the mild flavor of brandy, and you can enjoy its rich and gorgeous aroma and taste.

By using gold foil to express the scene of dancing plum blossoms, the visual effect is also pleasing to the eye.
In addition, the product comes with an exquisite cosmetic box packaging, which is very suitable as a gift for important people.

Selected plums: carefully selected Japanese green plums are used and soaked for a long time to retain the natural flavor and aroma of the plums.
Gold foil embellishment: Each bottle contains food-grade gold foil. As the plum wine is gently shaken, the gold foil dances, adding to the luxury and visual effect of the drink.
Traditional Brewing: Combining traditional Japanese brewing techniques, CHOYA insists on using natural ingredients and does not add any artificial flavors or colors.
Taste level: Moderate sweetness and sourness, rich and multi-layered taste, long aftertaste, a symbol of pure enjoyment and relaxation.

Suitable drinking occasions:
Special celebrations: such as holiday parties, birthday celebrations, etc. The sparkle of gold foil makes it the highlight of the party.
Personal taste: Suitable for a quiet night, enjoying alone, or having a drink with a few close friends.
Good gift choice: Exquisite packaging and extraordinary connotation make CHOYA Gold Foil Plum Wine a good choice for gift giving.

Drinking suggestions:
CHOYA Gold Leaf Plum Wine can be drunk cold or at room temperature according to personal preference. The cool taste after refrigeration can better highlight the freshness of plums and the sparkle of gold foil. It is recommended to drink as soon as possible after opening the bottle to enjoy the best flavor.

Tasting CHOYA gold leaf plum wine is not only a taste enjoyment, but also a visual and emotional feast. Let us immerse ourselves in this oriental charm that exudes from the inside out.

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