Caol Ila 12 Years Old Islay Single Malt Whisky 盒裝 700ml 卡爾里拉 12年

Caol Ila 12 Years Old Islay Single Malt Whisky Box 700ml Caol Ila 12 Years

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 43%

A product originating from ScotlandIslay(Islay) Single malt whiskey, famous for its delicate smoky flavor and maritime aroma. This 12-year-old whiskey fully demonstrates the classic characteristics of Islay whiskey, while also maintaining its own unique style.

In terms of color, Caol Ila 12 Years Old shows a soft straw yellow tone. Aroma-wise, it exudes distinct aromas of peat smoke and fresh ocean saltiness, accompanied by a hint of sweet melon and green nuts. On the palate, this whiskey is smooth and complex, with smoky flavors unfolding in the mouth, intertwined with fresh and light fruity aromas, forming an elusive layer of flavor.

Its production process includes aging in ex-Bourbon oak barrels, which not only gives the whiskey its characteristic flavor but also gives it a rounder taste. Caol Ila 12 Years Old is Islay’s hidden gem. Compared to other Islay whiskies, it is softer and more subtle, with an admirable malty smokiness that is loved by connoisseurs.

Whether it is a representative of entry-level Islay whiskey or a fine wine for collectors to add to their collections, Caol Ila 12 Years Old Islay Single Malt Whiskey is an excellent choice

Yan Color: light wheat straw color.
Smell: Mild, citric fruity flavor; fresh and open, lightly smoky. After dilution with water, an aroma like almond oil and oilcloth appears. The fresh fruity flavor still emerges, with an olive oil-like feeling, and then a dry floral aroma.
Mouthfeel: Initial sweetness, light and aromatic smoke, smooth, pleasant mouthfeel; diluted with water, light acidity, saltiness and sweetness appear. A complex balance appears with the main taste.
Finish: lingering and sweet smoke.

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