Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley Whiskey 700ml Bruichladdich

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Whisky 威士忌
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Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol content: 50%

Bruichladdich’s classic. Showing the typical Bruichladdich style, this classic Bruichladdich is full of hops and elegant. It is brewed from 100% Scottish barley and is slow distilled without chill filtration or added coloring.

Hand-picked by Bruichladdich's head brewer Adam Hannett, Classic Laddie is based not on a static recipe but a brewing philosophy. We don’t strive for precise consistency, instead each year’s barley variety and origin shape our spirits, while an increasing number of different cask types are used to enrich the flavor diversity in our warehouses.

BruichladdichNever strives for absolute consistency, therefore, each batch of Classic Laddie will be unique and subtly different in nature.

Creating Classic Laddie is one of the most complex and demanding responsibilities given to our Head Brewer, Adam Hannett. He hand-curates these select spirits to achieve the fruity and floral style that is unique to our Bruichladdich family.

The composition of each unique recipe is a rigorous process. Adam must systematically evaluate each spirit through smell, taste and texture.

This is a tedious and difficult job that requires a clear mind and multiple checks, pauses, and re-evaluations over many weeks. The final recipe was decided in the quiet of his sample room.

Bruichladdich Bottle Classic Laddie at 50% alcohol concentration instead of the average 40-46%. At 50% ABV, Bruichladdich's spirit flavor is dominated by barley, which means you get to taste more of the Scottish malt that went so hard to trace. Stretching Bruichladdich's spirits or compromising quality for profit is something Bruichladdich will not do.

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