Angostura Aromatic Bitters 香料味苦精 200ml 雞尾酒調酒

Angostura Aromatic Bitters Spiced Bitters 200ml Cocktail Mixing

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Cocktail Bitters 苦精
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Capacity: 200ml
Alcohol content: 44.7%

The most widely used bitters in cocktails are rum, gentian root and alpine plant flowers (Alpine Plant) and other plant materials Aromatic bitters. Gentian has the effect of antipyretic and treating malaria and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. In 1824, German military surgeon Johann Gottlieb Bejamin Siegert used it in the Venezuelan town of Angostura (now renamed Ciudad Bolivar invented this formula, extracting gentian and other ingredients to stimulate the appetite and maintain health of troops fighting in the field. Today, bitters are produced in Trinidad and are used as after-dinner drinks or added to flavor food and drinks.

Angostura Spiced Bitters can add a layer of complexity to drinks, enhance the flavors of other ingredients, neutralize the harshness of acidic ingredients, and reduce the harshness of spirits. But it does more than that—it also helps cleanse the palate and improve digestion. Have you ever had an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Pink Gin or Mai Tai? Then you have already experienced the Angostura spice flavorBitters. It's an essential bottle backstage, with its oversized label and distinctive yellow cap.

Angostuna bitters, also referred to as bitters, is a concentrated bitter from Trinidad and Tobago, made with water, alcohol, gentian roots and various vegetable extracts Brewed without Angostura bark. Angostura is usually used for seasoning and less often for cooking. Angostuna was originally produced in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, from which the wine got its name.

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