Xianqin PREMIUM Stuffed Kamosu 720ml
Xianqin PREMIUM Stuffed Kamosu 720ml

Xianqin PREMIUM Stuffed Kamosu 720ml

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Sake 日本清酒
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The rice used is Yamada Nishiki and Anao Kazuo Town produced in Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture.
Rice polishing steps: Yamada Nishiki 20%, Anao 20%, Omachi 20%.
Specifications include: mixed brewing, bag pressing, bucket bottle circumference, unfiltered original wine
Recommended drinking temperature: 8℃ to 12℃.
Recommended drinking container: champagne glass.


"Brew (かもす)", the name symbolizes the meaning of "natural casting through the passage of time". It is the top flagship brand of Xianqin. The raw material rice selected comes from Sakura Manor (ドメーヌ・さくら) in Tochigi Prefecture's Sakura City ( Sakura City), including three varieties of rice. These rice varieties are limited to "Yamada Nishiki", "Anao" and "Omachi" that are grown on the same water vein as the sake brewery's groundwater (water used for brewing). The power of these three types of rice is gathered together to create s work. What deserves special mention is the adoption of the French Bordeaux technique "Blended Brewing", which is an advanced technology that blends multiple grape varieties to pursue the best flavor. Xianqin combines this technology with its own brewing technology, blending three types of rice wine in golden proportions to create an unparalleled unique flavor.

This wine exudes a clear and gorgeous floral aroma similar to Kyoho grapes and La France pear, and is extremely elegant. When you take a bite, you can instantly feel the delicate and thick taste, unfolding a complex world. Silky smooth, textured and dense, three unique rice varieties intertwine to create a unique flavor. The "character" brought by Yamada Nishiki, the feminine "wildness" hidden by Anao, and the masculine "strength" brought by Omachi. All these qualities shine in this wine. It can be said to be a masterpiece at the pinnacle of fairy birds. .

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