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2 grains of rice Yamada Nishiki Fire Junmai Daiginjo Box 720ml Dailing Shuzo 2 grains of rice

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Sake 日本清酒
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Capacity: 720ml
Alcohol content: 16%

Temple rice Yamada Nishiki is a type of pure rice brewed by Japan's Dailing Shuzo Daiginjo sake is brewed with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice. Yamada Nishiki is one of Japan's finest sake rices and is ideal for brewing premium sake due to its plump grain shape and high starch content. The characteristic of this sake is that its rice polishing step reaches 35%, which means that 65% of the rice grains have been ground away, leaving only the core part, which makes the wine purer and more refined.

Da Ling Shuzo is a brewery with a long history and tradition located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. They use local "Benten water" for brewing. This water is pure and very suitable for brewing high-quality sake. In addition, the winery’s packaging design is also very distinctive, and was designed by the Swedish design studio “Stockholm Design Lab”, showing a simple and modern aesthetic.

This sake is not only suitable for drinking alone, but also perfectly matches with various Japanese dishes, such as sashimi, sushi, white fish and other delicacies. The bottle has a simple design, with the silhouette of rice grains as a symbol to distinguish different types of sake. This design also ensures that the sake is not affected by light during transportation and storage.

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